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During this week back in...
For the period of August 15th through August 22nd

Other Weeks:

  • 1955: Connie hits North Carolina on the 15th as a cat 3 dumping heavy rain. Later Diane would hit.
  • 1964: Cleo is born in ITCZ on Aug. 20th & would later effect Florida.
  • 1969: Camille hits west Cuba on the 15th, then hits Mississippi as a cat 5 causing a 24ft storm surge & killing 324 on August 21st.
  • 1991: Bob is born on Aug. 18th N.E. of the Bahamas & hits Massachusetts on the 20th with gusts to 125mph causing 1.5 billion dollars in damage & killing 18.
  • 1992: Andrew is born Aug. 16th near the Cape Verde islands & on Aug. 22nd bears down on Eleuthera Island, Bahamas with 150mph winds. Florida would be next.
  • 1996: Dolly is born Aug. 19th south of Jamaica & would hit Tampico, Mexico as a cat 1 on the 22nd.
  • 1999: Bret begins forming in the Bay of Campeche & would later hit Kenedy County, Texas as a cat 4 then quickly downgrade to a cat 3, 125mph, moving onshore.
  • 2007: Hurricane Dean smashes through Martinique, St Lucia, Jamaica & the Yucatan as a major hurricane between Aug. 17th & 22nd.
  • 2009: Tropical Storm Bill forms in east Atlantic & would hit Newfoundland as a cat 1 on the 23rd.