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For the period of August 31st through September 7th

Other Weeks:

  • 1900: The 1900 hurricane is born Sep. 5th & would later kill thousands in Texas.
  • 1926: The famous 1926 hurricane is born near Cape Verde islands on Sep. 6th & would later hit south Florida hard.
  • 1954: Edna is born Sep. 2nd near the Windward Islands & would later hit the N.E. U.S.
  • 1967: Beulah is born in the ITCZ on the 5th & on the 7th hits the Antilles as a cat 1.
  • 1974: Carmen hits the Yucatan on the 2nd as a major hurricane.
  • 1985: Elena hits Mississippi with 120mph winds on Sep. 2nd.
  • 1995: Luis hits the northern Leeward Islands with 130mph winds causing very heavy damage.
  • 1996: Fran hits North Carolina as a cat 3 causing major damage.
  • 1996: Hortense is born Sep. 3rd & would later hit Puerto Rico.
  • 2003: Hurricane Fabian hits Bermuda with 120mph winds on Sep. 5th causing roof damage & breaking windows. 4 missing. Moved out to sea.
  • 2004, Sep. 3rd: Ivan is born in the East Atlantic & would later hit Cayman Islands and Pensacola hard.
  • 2017, Sep. 6th: Hurricane Irma hits the northern Leeward Islands & VI with 185mph winds.