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During this week back in...
For the period of July 4th through July 11th

Other Weeks:

  • 1916, July 5: A major hurricane hits Biloxi & Gulfport, Mississippi with 115 to 120mph sustained winds. 10 people killed, some while trying to escape in automobiles that were flipped over by high winds.
  • 1959, July 9th: A weakening cat 1 comes ashore just north of Charleston with 75mph winds from the SE.
  • 1979, July 10th: Tropical Storm Bob is born in the south central Gulf of Mexico. On the 11th he hits S.E. Louisiana with 75mph winds.
  • 1996, July 5th: Bertha is born near 11N x 39W. On July 8th the N.E. Caribbean islands would be spared as she passes to the N.E. On July 9th Bertha becomes a cat 3 with 115 mph winds 120 miles NNW of Puerto Rico. Bertha would later hit North Carolina as a cat 2.
  • 2005, July 8th: Major Hurricane Dennis hits the entire south coast of Cuba very hard.
  • 2005, July 10th: Hurricane Dennis hits just east of Pensacola.
  • 2005, July 11th: A tropical depression forms well east of the Antilles & would later become Emily and hit the Yucatan hard.
  • 2014, July 4th: Hurricane Arthur hits Outer Banks of North Carolina with 100mph winds while moving N.E.