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For the period of June 1st through June 7th

Other Weeks:

  • 1912: A tropical storm born off west Cuba would later hit Louisiana as a tropical storm.
  • 1966: Alma born off of Honduras. Would later affect west Cuba & the Florida Panhandle as a hurricane.
  • 1968: Tropical Storm Abbey moves across central Florida from the Gulf.
  • 1982: Alberto is born on the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula on June 2nd & came within 100 miles of Key West as a minimal hurricane, then turned back west away from Key West. Area had gusts to 75mph.
  • 1995: Allison is born near Honduras June 2nd & hits near Apalachicola on June 6th with 75mph winds causes minor damage with some tornadoes.
  • 2001, June 5th: Tropical Storm Allison forms quickly in Gulf & hits Galveston area with 60mph. Heavy flooding of 2 to 3 ft in some areas kills 41 & causes 5 billion dollars damage in Texas.
  • 2007, June 2nd: Tropical Storm Barry hits near Tampa while moving NNE with 45mph winds. 5 to 10 inches of rain in some areas of Florida help temporarily ease drought conditions.