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Tue, Sep 25, 2018 at 8:00 PM

During this week back in...
For the period of May 25th through May 31st

Other Weeks:

  • 1934: A tropical storm crosses south Florida from the S.W. with 45mph winds, then hits Georgia & South Carolina with 55mph winds on the 29th.
  • 1953: Tropical Storm Alice brushes west Cuba with 55mph winds on the 31st.
  • 1959: Tropical Storm Arlene hits central Louisiana with 50mph winds on the 30th.
  • 1970: Tropical Storm Alma hits Georgia on the 27th with 55mph winds coming from the S.W.
  • 1972: A tropical storm roams off the S.E. U.S. coast but never hits land.
  • 2018: A Subtropical storm develops in western Caribbean May 25th hits west Cuba 40mph & the Florida Panhandle with 45mph winds on May 28th.