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During this week back in...
For the period of October 20th through October 26th

Other Weeks:

  • 1899: Cayman Islands hit by a cat 1.
  • 1922: A cat 1 hits the N.E. Yucatan.
  • 1924: West Cuba is hit by a cat 3, then hits S.W. Florida as a tropical storm.
  • 1926: West Cuba is hit by a cat 3 on the 20th, then brushes South Florida as a cat 2 on the 21st, then Grand Bahama Island as a cat 3 on the 21st.
  • 1935: A cat 1 brushes east Jamaica on the 22nd, then hits Honduras / Nicaragua border as a cat 1 on the 26th.
  • 1947: Bermuda is hit by a cat 3 on the 20th.
  • 1952: Hurricane Fox hits the Cayman Islands as a cat 3, then hits central Cuba as a cat 4 on the 24th with 150mph winds. Fox then hits Andros Island as a cat 2 on the 26th.
  • 1985: Juan is born in the central Gulf of Mexico on the 26th & would later hit Louisiana as a cat 1 on the 29th.
  • 1988: Hurricane Joan hits Lower Nicaragua as a cat 4 on the 22nd.
  • 1998: Mitch is born on Oct. 22nd. On Oct. 26th it becomes a cat 5 with sustained winds of 180mph. Would later hit Honduras as a cat 1 dumping very heavy rains & killing thousands.
  • 2000: Hurricane Michael hits Newfoundland with 90mph winds while moving NNE knocking some power lines & trees down on Oct. 20th.
  • 2005, Oct. 23rd: Hurricane Wilma pounds the Yucatan as a major hurricane for 36 hrs before aiming towards Florida.
  • 2005, Oct. 24th: Hurricane Wilma pounds south Florida as a cat 3/2 causing widespread power outages.
  • 2010, Oct. 24th: Hurricane Richard hits Belize with 90mph winds causing flooding in coastal areas of Belize City as it came in just south of there.