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How to use HurricaneCity.com

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This website is so massive that even seasoned web surfers will miss many of the great features that HurricaneCity.com has to offer. This page is a tutorial on how to use HurricaneCity using the middle of the site
How to Image You may ask what happened to all of those pages unique to HurricaneCity? The drop down menus have all of the pages that were on the older front page & more. Most of the pages are under products starting with the famous city database followed by the rankings page. The drop down menus are full of pages including show archives, news, statistical data and weather observations.
How to Image The city database page allows you to search for your coastal city or island. For example, if you click on Antigua you will be taken to the Antigua page showing the islands hurricane history. Some of these city pages have tons of links to damage shots, newspaper articles & NHC documentation specific to that location.
How to Image The city rankings page offers a line up of what areas get affected most by named storms. This is done mathematically with tie breakers going all the way back to 1871 using the time between systems sustained tropical storm force on particular areas. This list is re calculated after each hurricane season after all final data is completed by The National Hurricane Center.

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