Located approx 580 miles east of North Carolina On the same latitude as savannah .Bermuda is approx 20 sq miles with lush tropical vegetation,on the east side there are many resorts & is very populated. The island is shaped like the letter J.Bermuda has more golf courses per sq mile than any other nation. The widest point of the island is only 2 miles across .St Georges is the oldest & easternmost part of the island Located approx 32N x 65W

LAST AFFECTED 2016 Oct 13th,Hurricane Nicole hits with 115mph winds from the S.W eye passed directly over. At one point half the island without power,many trees down,erosion,heavy rain overall moderate damage.

Popular sights and landmarks>>>143 tr old gibbs lighthouse,Angilican church one of the oldest in western hemisphere,Tobacco bay beach,

HOSPITALS>>>king edward memorial hospital,65 doctors on the island

Communications>>>royal gazette newspaper,bermuda sun,bermuda times,Radio-AM 1160,1340,1230,1450,1280--FM 100.00 4 local T.V stations

Mobile Home Dwellings(if available)>>>Information Unavailable

Hazards & notes of interest>>>Tourism is 70% of work force & area hardly ever gets hit directly causing some complacency. Building codes are supposed to be very strict however Hurricane Fabian in 2003 caused significant damage.

POPULATION>>>63,413 or 3,110 per sq mile a 0.7% increase per year as of 1997

BREAKDOWN BY LANGUAGE,NATIONALITY,RACE & CULTURE>>>60% african,30% english, 10% american,many with british accents most are english speaking christian people

FAMOUS OR NOTEABLE PEOPLE WITH CURRENT OR PAST TIES TO THE AREA>>>Gina Swainson miss world 70-80,Queen elizabeth 2 is head of state,H Ross Perot , david Bowi ,Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta jones all own property here.,Prince albert & Fergie visit here.


AGRICULTURE(possible losses)>>>Bananas,potatoes,cabbage
EXPORT,INDUSTRIAL & Business(possible losses)>>>U.S military bases,Tourism,Nasa tracking facilities,Petrolium & medical exports,shipping,ship repairing,Banking

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