"About the only consolation you have is when it gets level with your latitude, the chances are pretty slim it will turn back" Forecaster Raymand Kraft.

Hurricane Betsy was an erratic Hurricane with movement taking her nearly up 30 deg north then abruptly turning south around the southern tip of Florida. Key Largo was hit directly, then the New Orleans area would be next. The death toll reached 75 & when all was said & done,both Florida & Louisiana were very lucky as things could have been much worse. At landfall in South Florida a yacht measured a 6 ft tide in the Miami River and low pressure Barometer Graph seen here

Vital statistics as follows: Measured Gusts via NHC archives

  • Nassau,Bahamas 126mph, 966mb
  • North tip of Andros Island 126mph
  • Abaco Island 178mph WSW
  • Key Largo,Florida hit with 126mph
  • Tavernier,Florida gusts to 120mph NW
  • Plantation key,Florida gusts to 100mph,highest on scale
  • Big Pine Key,Florida 125mph SW
  • Key West,Florida gusts to 81mph SW
  • Miami bch,Florida gusts to 92mph NNE
  • University of Miami, 105mph
  • At 28.3N x 89.2W 50miles s.e of Louisiana coast 155mph
  • Port Sulfur,Louisiana gusts to 136mph
  • Grand Isle,LA 160mph
  • New Orleans, 112mph
  • Morgan city,LA 128mph North
  • Gulfport MS, 100mph
  • Bay St Louis, 120mph
  • S.Florida 6 ft storm surge
  • East Louisiana 8 to 10 ft storm surge
  • Lowest Pressure 941mb or 27.76inch
  • Born as Cape Verde storm August 27th & died sept 11th over the southeast U.S
  • Betsy was attempted to be cloud seeded but the eye was not well enough formed. Scienentist were blamed for erratic movement as they were flying research missions into Betsy.

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