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For the period of August 23rd through August 30th

Other Weeks:

  • 1954: Carol is born Aug. 25th near the Bahamas & on the 29th hits Block Island with gusts to 135mph killing 60.
  • 1960: Donna is born near Cape Verde islands on the 29th & would later hit Florida.
  • 1964: Dora is born on Aug. 28th near the Cape Verde islands & would later hit North Florida.
  • 1965: Betsy is born Aug. 27th near Cape Verde islands & brushes the Leeward Islands as a tropical storm on the 29th & would later pound south Florida.
  • 1974: Carmen is born east of Puerto Rico on Aug. 29th.
  • 1979: David is born near Cape Verde islands on the 25th & would later hit the Caribbean hard.
  • 1983: Barry is born 250 miles east of Palm Beach on the 23rd & hits Cape Canaveral as a tropical storm. It then hits Mexico with 80mph winds on the 29th.
  • 1992: Hurricane Andrew hits south Florida on Aug. 24th with 160mph winds causing total devastation in south Dade. 30 billion dollars damage, 56 killed. On the 26th Andrew hits central Louisiana with 120mph winds causing heavy damage.
  • 1993: Emily brushes Outer Banks of North Carolina with 115mph winds.
  • 1995: Luis is born Aug. 23rd near Cape Verde islands on the 28th & would later hit the Leeward Islands hard.
  • 1996: Fran is born on the 23rd near Cape Verde islands & would later hit North Carolina.
  • 2005, Aug. 25th: Hurricane Katrina hits south Florida while becoming a hurricane setting the stage for a horrific event in the Northern Gulf.
  • 2005, Aug. 29th: Katrina hits the northern Gulf coast as a major hurricane killing well over 1,300.
  • 2009: Hurricane Bill hits Newfoundland on the 23rd as a cat 1.
  • 2010: Hurricane Earl approaches very northern Leewards Islands on Aug. 30th while strengthening to a major hurricane.
  • 2011, Aug. 24th - 25th: Hurricane Irene batters the central and NW Bahamas with 120mph winds while turning NW. On Aug. 27th Irene hits the Mid-Atlantic & N.E. as a cat 1 weakening to tropical storm in New York.
  • 2012, Aug. 29th and 30th: Hurricane Isaac hits Louisiana as a category 1 hurricane.
  • 2017, Aug. 25th: Hurricane Harvey hits just north of Corpus Christi with 130mph winds.