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For the period of October 27th through November 2nd

Other Weeks:

  • 1899: Cayman Islands hit by a cat 1 on the 28th of October, then on the 29th Central Cuba is hit by the same cat 1, then Andros Island as a cat 1 as well. Then on the 30th Grand Bahamas Island as a cat 1, then South Carolina / North Carolina border by the same cat 1 on the 31st.
  • 1933: A cat 2 hits Jamaica on the 29th, then hits east Cuba as a strong tropical storm.
  • 1939: Cayman Islands hit by a cat 1 on November 1st.
  • 1961: Hurricane Hattie hits Belize as a cat 4 on Oct. 30th after earlier being a cat 5.
  • 1985, Oct. 29th: Hurricane Juan hits Louisiana.
  • 1998, Oct. 30th: Hurricane Mitch hits Honduras as a cat 1 dumping heavy rains & killing over 10,000 people in Central America after earlier being a cat 5.
  • 2005, Oct. 30th: Hurricane Beta hits Nicaragua as a cat 2 after being a cat 3 near the coast.
  • 2010, Oct. 31st: Hurricane Tomas hits the Windward Islands while strengthening to a cat 2.
  • 2012, Oct. 29th: Hurricane Sandy hits Atlantic City, New Jersey while becoming post tropical with 90mph winds causing heavy surge damage in New Jersey and Long Island.