Welcome to HurricaneCity, tracking hurricanes since 1997
Thu, Apr 27, 2017 at 6:41 PM
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Have you ever been in a strong hurricane or other significant disaster and wondered how the media covered it? Many people will loose power during the event that can last for weeks or longer after a hurricane and not see how it was covered during the event. We will record and edit video footage from many networks, radio stations, webcams , scanner feeds and live storm chaser cams. We will also record screen shots of radars and maps from software programs extracting data as it happens. We did have a subsription service for this but now we rely on donations to watch the video archives .

What you will get is access to all previously recorded media, so you can watch when you want at your convenience with ability to rewind, fast forward & pause at any time while watching.

The more donations to this service, the more likely you will see more & more recorded weather coverage. For those who are currently subscribed you will still have access to videos with your provided username & password on a yearly basis and your continued subscription renewal becomes your donation.

Click here for an example from our Katrina coverage.

We also accept donations to HurricaneCity, any amount helps.